Office XML

Delphi library for processing Excel .xlsx documents.
  • create or modify Excel Workbook .xlsx files
  • Microsoft Office installation is not required
  • uses Microsoft Open XML SDK 2.5 and ClosedXML libraries
  • requires Microsoft .NET 4 Framework or higher
  • available for Delphi 7 - 10.1
  • royalty free distribution in applications

Download and order

Order Office XML library $60,- USD (license for one developer)
Order Office XML multilicense $180,- USD (license for all developers in company)
Order Office XML year upgrades $30,- USD (registered users only)
Order Office XML year upgrades multilicense $90,- USD (registered multilicense users only)


How can I open existing .xlsx file?
Use XLWorkbookInstance class:
  WorkbookInstance: XLWorkbookInstance;
  Workbook: XLWorkbook;
  WorkbookInstance := CoXLWorkbookInstance.Create;
  Workbook := WorkbookInstance.Create_3('example.xlsx');
How can I set workbook properties?
Workbook.Properties.Title := 'Title';
Workbook.Properties.Subject := 'Subject';
How can I set worksheet protection?
  Worksheet: IXLWorksheet;
  Protection: IXLSheetProtection;
  Protection := Worksheet.Protect_2('password');
  Protection.SelectLockedCells := False;
  Protection.SelectUnlockedCells := False;

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