Powerful combination of a state-of-the-art, 32-bit Pascal compiler and an easy-to-use, adaptable integrated development environment that allows you to quickly build sophisticated applications for the Palm OS®.
  • Easy to learn and use, so ramp-up and development time is cut significantly
  • Makes creating complex and powerful applications simple and intuitive
  • Integrated Wireless development including Bluetooth technologies
  • Advanced debugging including local & global variable watches, register values, and more
  • PocketStudio Library simplify common development tasks
  • Allows desktop developers to easily migrate to PalmOS® development
  • Project repository with customizable wizards and over 30 examples to get you started

New PocketStudio 3 features

  • new string support
  • new SysUtils unit
  • new PalmOS Simulator debugging
  • new Lock controls menu
  • new color scheme
  • new examples: AppVersion, Cephes, BTCom
  • new filter for code templates (Ctrl+J)
  • new installer
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 support
  • updated PalmOS files
  • more code templates
  • corrected minor IDE and compiler problems
  • auto detecting and reloading files modified outside the IDE

Feature matrix

Feature Enterprise Professional Standard
Fully customizable IDE
increase productivity with a rapid application development IDE
+ + +
Code Explorer
explore and navigate units, constans, types, variables, resources and procedures
+ + +
To-Do List
record tasks that need to be completed for a project and stay on schedule
+ + +
Project Manager
manage and navigate units quickly
+ + +
Project Information
lets you know the target PalmOS version your product requires and PRC code, data and stack sizes
+ + +
Enhanced WYSIWYG form designer
features including snap to grid, alignment, sizing and other productive enhancements
+ + +
Enhanced debugging
global, local and register windows; plus variable watch window with breakpoints, stepping and tracing
+ + +
Customizable project repository
create your own repository items or project wizards, great starting place for your development efforts
+ + +
Customizable Code Templates
write faster your code using predefined or custom templates
+ + +
PocketStudio Library
make development easier by 'wrapping' the PalmOS API calls with easy-to-use, understandable code
+ + +
compact and fast applications with no run-time and no run-time licensing
+ + +
Full inline ASM support
used to create very fast assembler procedures
+ + +
Demo examples
over 40 useful samples based on native PalmOS capabilities for every aspect of development
+ + +
Form designer HiRes support
customizable skins and fonts
+ + +
Shared library support
leverage your development through third party libraries and create your own
+ + -
Multisegment application support
create applications that exceed the 32kB limit with multiple segments
+ + -
CPU window
explore CPU registers, application memory and stack
+ + -
Additional examples
more sample code supporting third party development (Sony, Handera, Symbol, Handspring, IBM, Kyocera, TDK, TRGPro and Samsung)
+ + -
Tools menu
add your own applications to the menu through the tools menu
+ + -
Command line compiler
compile application outside the IDE
+ + -

Enterprise version contains company-wide developers multilicense.



Order PocketStudio Source Code $379,99 USD (source code compilation requires Delphi XE2 or newer)