NFC Library for iOS

NFC Library for iOS demo example
Delphi NFC library for iOS.
  • uses Core NFC API
  • available for Delphi XE8 - 10.3
  • source code included in registered version
  • royalty free distribution in applications

Library API

  ENfcError = class(Exception);

  TNDefFormat = (foEmpty, foWellKnown, foMedia, foAbsoluteUri, foExternal, foUnknown, foUnchanged);

  TNDefPayload = class
    property Data: TBytes read;
    property Format: TNDefFormat read;
    property Identifier: TBytes read;
    property Payload: NFCNDEFPayload read;
    property &Type: TBytes read;

  TNDefMessage = class
    property Message: NFCNDEFMessage read;
    property PayloadCount: Integer read;
    property Payloads[Index: Integer]: TNDefPayload read;

  TNDefMessages = array of TNDefMessage;

  TNfcErrorEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; Error: NSError) of object;
  TNfcDetectEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; Messages: TNDefMessages) of object;

  TNfcSession = class
    constructor Create;
    procedure Scan;

    property AlertMessage: string read write;
    property Session: NFCNDEFReaderSession read;
    property OnDetect: TNfcDetectEvent read write;
    property OnError: TNfcErrorEvent read write;

function ErrorDomain(const Error: NSError): string;
function ErrorDescription(const Error: NSError): string;

function BytesToHex(const Bytes: TBytes; Separator: Char = ':'): string;
function BytesToHex(const Bytes: TBytes; From, Count: Integer; Separator: Char = ':'): string;

Download and order

Order NFC Library $100,- USD (license for one developer)
Order NFC Library multi-license $300,- USD (license for all developers in company)

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