.NET component for accessing Windows I/O and memory-mapped ports.
  • access to I/O and memory-mapped ports on 32 and 64-bit Windows
  • PnP device drivers built using Microsoft KMDF WDK framework
  • easy of use, component is fully autoconfigurable
  • block data transfer enables high speed data transfer
  • DirectAccess mode provides the fastest access to I/O ports (32-bit Windows only)
  • available for .NET 2 - 4.7
  • royalty free distribution in applications

Download and order

Order IOPort.NET component $80 USD (license for one developer)
Order IOPort.NET multi-license $240 USD (license for all developers in company)
Order IOPort.NET year upgrades $40 USD (registered users only)
Order IOPort.NET year upgrades multi-license $120 USD (registered multi-license users only)